It’s never too late to learn something new

Published: 09 April 2019

This story is a great example of how Local Area Coordination changes peoples' lives for the better.

I had previously supported Mrs W's son, and had helped to get him "back on his feet". I then received a call from his mum, a 71 year old lady who has been a wheel-chair user for most of her life. Mrs W was already very independent but after her son moved out from their home, she was feeling "alone". She asked for my support. I asked her what she had in mind, and she explained that her previous experience of services over the years had left her feeling disappointed. She had difficulties with literacy and a previous attempt at learning at an adult college, some years ago, had left her feeling "stupid". I have built good relationships with our adult community college, and so we were able to visit the college together to show her around and made arrangements with the staff to help her with her wheelchair out of the car. This time, the experience was a good one and she has now signed up to start 2 courses, learning Maths and English.

Mrs W also likes art and I introduced her to a local art group. It is accessible, which means she rides her mobility scooter to the hall. She has learnt how to use water colours and is enjoying learning new skills. I have a drop-in surgery there, so we often have a cup of tea together. Mrs W is now making new supportive relationships and enjoying life!