Local area coordinator case study – Working together

Published: 30 January 2019

Story provided by Renae Laybourn, Local area coordinator

I was working with a gentleman who had recently had a knee replacement and was very keen to rebuild his confidence and skills in order to look for paid work and feel useful. Mr X agreed volunteering was a great opportunity and could fit around his parenting responsibilities.

Mr X started volunteering at the Grays Beach Park; he really enjoyed putting his skills back into use and being able to do physical work again. One problem arose the distance from home to the park was really a little too far for him to walk and he couldn’t afford the bus – thankfully the manager at the Beach Park was able to temporarily offer to loan Mr X a bicycle.

Whilst I was at the Acorn Hub I mentioned to the volunteers that I was looking for a bicycle as I knew Mr X would need to return his borrowed one. The volunteers managed to source a bicycle for Mr X to collect the next day, including a pump and set of lights. The Manager at the Beach Park fed back all the wonderful work Mr X has continued to do.

Benefits from Hub sourcing a bicycle for Mr X

· Good exercise after knee replacement, helped speed recovery

· Reduce depression and drug use, by having somewhere to go and achieve

· Shared skills/learnt new skills

· Feeling part of a team

· Giving back to community