My Cerebra Charity

Published: 02 January 2019

I'm Samuel Turner. Originally from London, I was diagnosed with autism with special needs and ADHD in 1996. After leaving London to moved to Essex, I live at home in Thurrock, with my mum Jacky and my dad Barry. By the time I was 21 years old, I joined a Welsh charity organisation Cerebra in Carmarthen where I have been honourable to carry on with my bright new future ahead to get me and my family to take part sharing a great awareness.

I loved the charity Cerebra because it's not just who you're sponsor or honouring someone as a child with brain conditions, it's about respecting what your presenting when the children that needs helps from someone that has good heart like I have always.

As always, I love working for Cerebra since I first joined back from January 2017.

To represent my greatest work I've got so far, I've created a Video Diary to share with you to show my inspiring event attendances since I been working this year with this charity with my mum Jacky and my friend Angel Jolly. The video shows how I do the charity efforts to raise the amounts of money to a awareness that needs to be spread around the UK.