Lloyds pharmacy in Sainsbury’s

Published: 15 September 2017

Due to the fire at Howard Road, Chafford Hundred, the Sainsbury’s supermarket’s pharmacy ‘Lloyds’ is only available to customers via the fire exit. Customers should speak to the security guard at the fire exit, who will go and fetch the pharmacist to deal with their prescriptions. Customers can also pick up existing prescriptions in the same way. If arriving after 9pm, people should ring on the door bell.

If you are unable to access your prescription or medication and it is needed urgently over the weekend, contact 111 and explain the situation and ask for an emergency prescription to be supplied.

The pharmacy is unsure when normal service will return. There are other out of hours pharmacies, including Boots in Lakeside, Allcures in Corringham and Asda Pharmacy in Tilbury.