Local Area Coordination is all about supporting our residents to stay strong, safe, well, resilient, independent and connected as contributing citizens to their local communities.

Launched in June 2013, our Local Area Coordinators work to strengthen the capacity of communities to welcome and include people and to make services more personal, flexible and accountable. They support with building more welcoming, inclusive and supportive communities.

Local Area Coordinators support and connect people & places. They work alongside people in very practical ways, always looking for local no / low cost solutions through the networks and resources that they know within the community. They support people to create their own solutions within communities that are inclusive and supportive. They believe in the strength and contribution of all local people (including those who are labelled as service users / clients or social care recipients) to build and pursue a positive vision for Thurrock.

Local Area Coordinators build partnerships with local people, communities, organisations and services - nurturing and sharing the resources within our communities and ensuring that marginalised individuals are active and valued

Local Area Coordinators (LACs) support people to find ways to make a better life. They cover all areas in Thurrock and are based in towns and villages. They know the local communities and people, and will work alongside them to find their own solutions that are practical, no cost or low cost and sustainable.

They ask people "what would make a good life for you", and support them find how best to lead that life in their local community.

Local Area Coordination is a long-term, person centred, strength and evidence-based approach to supporting people who may be socially isolated, lonely, excluded or marginalised.


If you are marginalised due to age, frailty, disability or mental health issues, our Local Area Coordinators can support you to identify and pursue your vision for a good life / what you want to do to make life better.

To find out more about Local Area Coordination in Thurrock and how we support the local community click here.

Get in touch

Contact your Local Area Coordinator if you think that you, or a relative or neighbour, could benefit from their support. They cover all areas of Thurrock


Local Area Coordinator

Contact Number

Email Address

Local Area Coordination Team Manager


Francis Allie

07825 202 038




Martin Trevillion

07798 668 692


South Ockendon inc Belhus, Orsett, and Bulphan


Renae Laybourn

07867 684 796


South Ockendon inc Belhus, Orsett, and Bulphan


Pauline White

07710 950 319


West Thurrock

Karen Dobson (Senior LAC—West)

07818 678 980


Chafford Hundred inc South Stifford & North Stifford


Frank Gaisie

07738 101 787


Stifford Clays inc North Grays, & Blackshots


Gemma Stevenson

07917 535 728


Grays Riverside


Ben Dubois

07825 197 840


Grays inc Little Thurrock


Ian Barnett

07786 423 474


Tilbury Town/St Chads inc Tilbury Riverside


Heather MacQuarrie

07738 116 648


Chadwell St Mary inc Woodside


Helen Catterick

07710 950 318



Kate Williams (Senior LAC—East)

07789 924 209


East Tilbury/Linford inc West Tilbury


Samson Odubanjo

07864 947 968


Corringham inc Fobbing


Susan Griggs

07920 541 258


Stanford Le Hope


Christine Searle

07714 488 318


If you would like to find out more about Local Area Coordination in your area or introduce someone to us, you can email: localareacoordination@thurrock.gov.uk