Thurrock Micro Enterprise


Within Thurrock (and throughout the UK) there is a real move towards services being led by the needs and wishes of the people that use them. Whether self-funding or paying for services via a Direct Payment, local people are increasingly asking for a real choice of flexible, tailored services that will support them to:

  • live independently at home
  • live a full life and keep well
  • get around in their community and go shopping
  • have meals, go to lunch clubs…. and a whole lot more

Part of the solution is Micro-Enterprises. These are very small services run by 1-8 people that can deliver these services to people in the local community. They can:

  • provide personal, flexible and responsive support and care
  • give local people more choice and control over the support they get
  • offer an alternative to more traditional services

The following list(s) detail voluntary and chargeable services that are available to local people that provide various types of support and care. Micros already up and working in Thurrock include care and support services, lunch clubs, leisure activities for people with dementia, accompanied visits to medical appointments, sensory clubs, befriending services and more in development.


Interested in a service?

If you are interested in using a particular service, please:

  • Make contact with the provider using the details on the listing.
  • If chargeable, the provider will advise you of the cost of the service. Services can be self-funded or a Direct Payment can be used to pay for the service (providing it meets assessed needs on your care and support plan)

 To view a full up to date list of Micro-Enterprise's in Thurrock CLICK HERE (Some Micro-Enterprise services are chargeable.  Please enquire with the provider as to rates charged.)


Have an idea for your own Micro-enterprise?

We would like to hear from you if you are:

  • interested in setting up a community micro-enterprise in your area
  • already running a community micro-enterprise in your area and would like some help

We can:

  • listen to your ideas and give you professional feedback
  • help you understand how care regulations and the law might apply to what you plan to do
  • give you practical advice on regulations, training and insurance
  • connect you with opportunities and other organisations that can help

To complete a community micro-enterprise enquiry form CLICK HERE. Once completed please return your enquiry form to the below contact.

Sue Wellard

Micro Enterprise Development Manager

 01375 652424 / 07867696302