Local Area Coordinators

Les Billingham - Head of Adult Services (Thurrock Council) and Chair of the Steering Group.

14 Month Evaluation

Implementing Local Area Coordination (LAC) was a big risk in an authority like Thurrock. We are small, not well resourced and subject to the same intense financial pressure faced by all of the public sector as a consequence of the Government's austerity programme; committing resources to a scheme focused on prevention that is outside of eligibility criteria was difficult.

The need for really impressive evidence concerning the impact of Local Area Coordination was therefore paramount. I hoped that the evidence would be incontrovertible and compelling and enable us, after a year of piloting the scheme, to build on our initial deployment of three LACS and achieve borough-wide coverage.

Being able to contribute to this report, which contains so much evidence of the positive impact of LAC after the scheme has been running for just over a year, feels very satisfying. Furthermore, being able to report that the evidence of success was so overwhelming so quickly, that we were able to convince partners to fund a further six posts within the pilot period, is testament to the significance of this approach in the context of preventing crisis and managing demand. I am really looking forward to receiving ever more heart-warming stories of the way that LAC is changing lives for the better as the new LACs join the team and begin to deploy into new communities.

For the full report click here.



Martin Trevillion

07798 668692


I have worked as a Local Area Coordinator for the past four years in Aveley and Purfleet and during that time, I have supported many people to connect with others within their community.

The role of a Local Area Coordinator is to listen to people to find out what a good life would be for them and then with that information, we help them to achieve an outcome. Everybody is different so this can be a very difficult task, but I am helped by some fantastic groups and organisations that are out there in Thurrock to support those that want to engage.

To find out more information about what groups or activates that are available locally, please contact me.

Stifford Clays, Blackshots & Little Thurrock

Stifford Clays, Blackshots & Little Thurrock

Renae Laybourn

07867 684796


I have been an active member of Thurrock Community for over 25 years both working and living in the area. I am often seen volunteering or walking my two huskies around the borough.

My role as an LAC allows me to be part of the journey for some truly inspirational people making changes so they can live their idea of a ‘Good’ life.

It is such a privilege to be part of the community helping people to stay strong, build personal networks of support and focus on positive steps forward. My role enables me to share information, knowledge and experiences to support individuals to take control of their own choices.

I have had some really great opportunities and met the most amazing people in Thurrock.

My drop in surgeries are

Stifford Clays –Acorn Hub Headon Hall 2pm-4pm every 2nd Thursday of the Month

Blackshots- Blackshots Library 10am-12pm every 3rd Tuesday of the Month

Little Thurrock- TBC

South Ockendon

South Ockendon

Pauline White

07710 950319


Hello my name is Pauline White and I am the Local Area Coordinator for South Ockendon , Orsett and Bulphan .

I have lived in Thurrock all my life and feel very passionate about the area. I have worked in the community for the past 35 years and know that Thurrock has a lot to offer.

I’m about working and supporting local individuals and being part of the community.

I volunteer with supporting people with dementia and Alzheimer’s as I spent the past 13 years working and arranging social events for the people and carers of Thurrock. 

I host drop in surgeries on Friday mornings at Orsett Church Hall and Friday afternoons 2pm-4pm at Bulphan Village Hall Cafe.

West Thurrock

West Thurrock

Karen Dobson

07818 678980


Growing up in Thurrock I have a good understanding of what’s available and what is happening in our communities. I volunteer within my own community prior to joining the LAC team as I personally believe that by giving something to your community you gain back friendships from different circles of people you may not have known and a connection to something big and worthwhile.

I previously worked in the East Tilbury area as the Local Area Coordinator and have now moved over to West Thurrock as Senior Local Area Coordinator. My background is in Social Housing and I have worked in Thurrock for over 20 years and am still inspired by how volunteer groups and community members give to the communities they live in.

The LAC role is based at the heart of the community instead of being office based which really appeals to me. Being able to work alongside people to seek their vision of a good life and make connections within their neighbourhoods is an absolute privilege and never ceases to amaze me what people can achieve when connections are made.

Chafford Hundred

Chafford Hundred

Frank Gaisie

07738 101787


It’s a great privilege and pleasure to build trusting relationships with individuals, to come alongside them to help build their vision of a good life. This is done drawing on the strengths and connections of the individual, their families and the connection with the local community. To be a part of the story of transformation and social development is a great opportunity. This is why I am passionate about the LAC role, through which the community is made stronger as individuals are empowered to aspire and fulfil potential.

The role is supported by the partnership and joint working with individuals, volunteers, many different organisations’ and groups providing community solutions.

Grays Riverside

Grays Riverside

Ben Dubois

07825 197840


I am the Local Area Coordinator for Grays Riverside. I have been in post since 2013 and can’t think of a role where I have learned more. I previously worked in the Community Solutions Team for Adult Social Care and found myself wanting to work more closely with vulnerable people in attempt to find more practical solutions that meant more to the individual. I have been grateful for the privileged opportunity of being invited into people’s homes and lives with the chance to work alongside them for their vision of better life.

Since working as a Local area Coordinator I have been able to connect very well with the Grays community and have been amazed by the altruistic attitudes in the community and volunteer sector that are vital to keeping people stronger for longer through preventative intervention. It has been great getting to know individuals, developing trust and helping to build support networks around them and hope to continue in the same direction!

Chadwell St Mary

Chadwell St Mary

Helen Catterick

07710 950318


Hello my name is Helen Catterick and I am the Local Area Coordinator for Chadwell St Mary.

I have been in post for 3 years now and love my role in the community.

Since being in post I feel that I have made a positive difference to local residents lives and helped them achieve their goals and vision of a good life.

I have established great partnership working with several community groups, organisations and helped support the local Chadwell community as well as individuals.

Pop in and see me for a chat at my drop-in surgeries:

Chadwell St Mary Centre (Chadwell Library) - Every Monday from 10am to 12pm

Chadwell Children's Centre, Claudian Way - 2nd Friday of every month from 9:30am to 11am

I look forward to working alongside with you.



Kate Williams

07789 924209


I have grown up and settled in Thurrock, and have got to know the community through my personal life as well as through my career choices. I am passionate about supporting people to achieve what they would like to, and by using their own skills and passions to build a life that is important to them.

I have worked as a Local Area Coordinator for a number of years in the Tilbury area, and have now moved over to Horndon-on-the-Hill as Senior Local Area Coordinator. My background is in Adult Social Care, and I have worked in Thurrock for 10 years.

Seeing the community develop and change is exciting and challenging, and being able to support the community and individuals within is a very rewarding role. It has also been fantastic to see the outcomes that the Local Area Coordination team have achieved with individuals, but also the impact of the role on the wider community and groups.

Corringham inc Fobbing

Corringham inc Fobbing

Sue Griggs

07920 541258


I have worked for Thurrock council for just over 5 Years .I started my journey with the Council at Collins house care home, working with people with Dementia and long term illnesses

I then moved to housing as a Sheltered Housing Officer, working alongside individuals within a complex. Continuing my journey I am now a Local Area Coordinator for Stanford Le Hope and Corringham, working alongside individuals of all ages, disabilities, race and gender.

Working as a Local Area Coordinator helps people to be heard, stay strong, and believe in themselves. It helps them to stay in control of their life, as we work alongside them, not doing for them but with them.

Grays Central

Grays Central

Ian Barnett



Hello my name is Ian Barnett and I am the Local Area Coordinator for Grays Central.

I have lived and worked in Thurrock since 1986 in various roles in Thurrock council social care and local charities.

As a Local Area Coordinator, I am able be involved in the community on a daily basis, this is very important to me as I enjoy helping others build sustainable groups and projects and helps me to learn more about the strengths of those who live and thrive in Thurrock.

I hold a weekly Drop-Surgery at Pigg’s Corner Sheltered housing project each Monday 11 till 1:30 and will be starting one in Grays Town centre very soon that will be held every 2 weeks

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or are thinking of starting a group and would like advice.



Heather MacQuarrie


Hello, my name is Heather MacQuarrie. I am the Local Area Coordinator for Tilbury

I have been with the Local area Coordination team since September 2017. I joined the team as I have a passion for helping people and being involved in the community. I previously worked for the housing benefit team at Thurrock council for 4 years but felt that I wanted an opportunity to work more closely with individuals.

I have lived in Thurrock for over 15 years and feel very loyal and committed to the area. I am looking forward to working at the heart of Tilbury and making good connections with community members and residents.

West Thurrock

West Thurrock

Samson Odubanjo



My name is Samson Odubanjo; I am the Local Area Co-Ordinator for West Thurrock. I am relatively new in the role but enjoy supporting people on their journey to achieving their vision of a good life. The LAC role also involves listening to people, supporting them to have their voices heard and connecting them back into the community to mention a few.



Christine Searle



Hello, my name is Christine but everyone calls me "Chris". I have lived and worked in Thurrock for the past 30 years. I have had various roles since leaving school, legal secretary, fitness instructor, counsellor, health improvement officer, to name but a few! I was lucky enough to land the role of Local Area Coordinator for Stanford over 2 years ago, and am still pinching myself. I get to meet the wonderful people in our communities that have so much to share, great skills, strengths and personalities. I really enjoy seeing people connect with their communities, learn new skills, build confidence and build resilience when life get tough, as it always will.

I work with a really great team of LAC's covering all areas of Thurrock. We have the time to build trusting relationships with our individuals and this leads to some fantastic "stories" of how people can change their lives for the better.

I am at the Gateway Peoples Centre, 2 High Street, Stanford, on Wednesday between 11-1 and Thursday between 11-1. Pop in for a chat!

East, West Tilbury and Linford

East, West Tilbury and Linford

Rachel Farmer

07917 535 728


My name is Rachel Farmer. I am the Local Area Co-Ordinator for East Tilbury, West Tilbury and Linford.

I started working in the Local Area Coordination Team in June 2014 and continue to enjoy my role supporting local residents.

I have lived in Thurrock all my life and I am very passionate to do all that I can to bridge gaps in our community. Local Area Co-coordinators are able to do this by creating opportunities for individuals by connecting them with what they are most passionate about.

I hold a few different surgeries in the community so please drop me an email and I will send you the information so that we can have a conversation!